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CCHS students gathered and prayed for Mrs. Jackson
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Monday, April 16, 2018
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After weeks in the hospital and a numerous amount of test, Mrs. Jackson found the strength to come and see her babies. Mrs. Jackson is the HOSA teacher at CCHS and has recently been diagnosed with cancer. She came to visit and explain to her students what kind of cancer she had and you can tell that it was a special moment for Mrs. Jackson and the students. She is a nurse and went into details about the treatment and the plans of fighting this disease. She said that it was great to see everyone and thanked everyone for the text messages and all of the love that has been shown during this time. She also told the students that she would fight this battle and that she knows God has her in his hands and to continue to pray. The FCA chaplin Jac Cox asked everyone to gather around Mrs. Jackson and join hands as he led a very touching prayer. There was presentations full of love, tears and plenty of hugs throughout the room for Mrs. Jackson. We will continue to pray for her and her fight against this terrible disease. God Bless her and her family during this very hard time.

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