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Mrs. Becky Williams

National Beta Club

Clarke County High School is proud to be a member of the National Beta Club.  Our club is comprised of 9-12 grade advanced diploma students who maintain at least a B average in all courses, and have no disciplinary referrels.  Each year we induct new members.  The only 9th grade students invited are those from Wilson Hall Middle School's 8th grade Beta Club.  Students in grades 10-12 who have not been previously invited are also invited.  Induction is held in the fall of the school year.  The club has officers elected by the executive committee.  President, secretary, and treasurer are senior members.  Vice-president/president elect is a junior.  Grades are checked each 9 weeks.  Students who fall below 80 in any course are placed on probation.  Those students are still active members, but must pull up grades by the end of the next 9 weeks.  Students who do not pull up grades are removed from membership until such time as grades are improved.  Students who are involved in discipline problems are removed immediately for the remainder of the term, and all of the next term.  If this student wishes to return to Beta Club, permission must be granted from the sponsor and the school principal. 

Our Beta Club strives to do things to help our school, and our community.  We have raised money for different charities, rang the bell for the Salvation Army, and given food/toys to needy families.  We have been to the State Convention several times, and competed in academic competitons, and the talent competition.  We have had students win different places over the years.

Our Beta Club